Why choose remy hair wigs? Quite simply because they are the best. The highest quality and best looking wigs are remy hair wigs. Wigs are worn for a number of social, cultural and cosmetic reasons and there are many different kinds of artificially enhancing hairstyles. You can either add extra hair to existing hair or completely cover your natural hair by using something else, like a toupee or natural or synthetic hairpiece.


Adding extra hair is mostly for added cosmetic appeal, usually hair extensions or streaks of colored hair to make the hair more voluminous, differently colored or to adopt a hairstyle that you really like but is not possible with your natural hair because of your hair not being compatible with this style. Hair is clipped, pinned, tied, glued or fastened using some other technique.


Totally covering your hair may be due to reasons like balding due to old age or genetic reasons or cancer therapy, or also cosmetic reasons as well. Remy hair wigs can be made using natural or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is made from a wide variety of synthetic fibers. It is nowhere close to human hair in terms of look, feel, quality and longevity and gets damaged very soon and is especially susceptible to damage from the sun. Natural hair is definitely better. But the best quality is obtained using wigs.


Remy hair wigs are made from remy hair which refers to hair that have still retained the cuticle. The cuticle is the outermost part of the hair and has an overlapping pattern that has been described to look like roof shingles. When these "shingles" are all aligned, it makes for a smooth silky look and it shines. That is why remy hair wigs is so prized. But remember, even the best of the wigs have a shelf life and you can only use them for so long.


You might maintain your wig well with regular cleaning and shampooing, but remember that they cannot be nourished because they are not attached to a living breathing human body. It is a myth that shampoos provide nutrition. Nutrition for hair is provided not by shampoos but by the body's natural nutrition system that also provides nutrition to the rest of the body. The thought that shampoos provide nutrition is like saying that you can grow big and strong by rubbing protein rich food on your muscles. So remy hair wigs might not last forever, but they are definitely the best you can get.