Your real hair will be plaited and wrapped around the head, or be contained under a wig cap before applying lace front wigs. You have to measure your head before going to wig shops, especially if you are planning to buy a custom-built wig. There are measuring instructions that you can find on such stores or on the Web to ensure a perfect fit.


It is utterly a must to understand what lace front wigs are and what benefits you can gain from using them. Lace front wigs offer more options for various hair styles, since they have a subtle lace caps. They are much lighter, thus they are more comfortable to be used than any conventional wigs. They are less discernable, which makes them look much natural if worn properly.


You will definitely have more hair styling options upon using front lace wigs. With other kinds of wigs, you are just restricted to hair styles that bring some hair down in front towards your face in order to hide the edge of the wig.


To make sure of a good fit when looking for lace front wigs, you have to take some things to be considered. The first thing is, as for different hairstyles, you have to consider the structure of your face. You have to match the hairstyle of your choice on how you would look if you have worn it. Otherwise, it will actually appear like a real wig.


There are varieties of quality and price ranges to choose from when looking for lace front wigs. The wigs of the highest quality are made of either Swiss or French-made laces. These are created from real human hair, which are hand-knotted onto the lace cap. Such high quality lace front wigs are more expensive than the other kinds. However, the quality is more than what it costs.


Since front lace wigs have a front made of lace mesh, you will have to stick or tape up the wig to your head. However, your hairline will look much natural, even if you pull your hair back from your face. You will also have more options when it comes on parting your hair, most especially if you have a hand-knotted wig handy.