It seems that a lot of women really love their hair. They seem to think it is defines them or makes them look pretty. Or that phrase 'Oh you have such healthy hair' makes them think lots of healthy hair means a healthy body.


If this is the case the thought of actually shedding all of their hair, yes perhaps including eyebrow, underarm and facial hair to name a few, is scary. Of course this doesn't happen to everybody in the same way nor does it happen the same way with all cancer treatment chemotherapy. It depends on the type of drugs used in the treatment.


The main thing to remember when you are with your friend or family member who is losing their hair is to keep cheerful and positive. It helps no one to also be depressed. If you are depressed then perhaps you should wait until another day to visit. The same is true if you are facing chemotherapy. Keep a positive attitude. Think positively.


If a person is looking at getting a wig to cover their hair loss from chemotherapy, they do have a few choices. Wigs come in natural hair, synthetic hair and a combination of both. Going even further, natural hair generally comes from three types of people, Asian which is the least expensive and the thickest. The second is Indonesian which is considered a mid-grade hair and has somewhat finer strands. The third natural hair is European hair which is the finest and can be very expensive.


You can either choose to go for synthetic wigs or can opt for human hair wigs when undergoing chemo treatments. Synthetic hair wigs are less expensive and easy to maintain. Most of them have a specific style molded in them but there are some that can be reset. The advantage of using the style-able cancer wigs is that their looks can be changed as per your choice.