One of the major benefits of a lace front wig is that you can apply it yourself, unlike other types of wigs that require an extra set of hands. The two most common materials used for attaching remy lace front wig is double sided tape and liquid adhesive. Both of these products are best applied to bare skin on the scalp or on an area of extreme hair loss or balding. Don’t just use any double sided tape or adhesive though. Rather, you should always use attachment products that are designed and manufactured specifically for this use.


To apply your front lace wig using tape, first prepare your tape by cutting it into strips of approximately 3 inches in length, by 4 inches in width. Now take one of your pieces of tape and place it on the polyurethane tape patch area, right where the lace front connects to it. The next step is to place the strip on the front hairline where it meets the edge of the lake.


Now firmly apply pressure, so it is held down in place. Now repeat the procedure until you have attached the entire front edge of the lace front wigs for women to the wig itself. Also, remember to apply adequate pressure to the wig each time that you apply your tape strips. As you move around your head with the tape strips, you will find yourself having to do some tape trimming, so the end finished work contours to the shape of your head.


Trying to keep up with ever changing fashion is not so difficult but hair styles? Hmm, different thing altogether, I mean what happens when you have the elfin crop and then cork screw curls are in the very next week? At least by making use of a curly lace wigs you have the ability to keep up without too much of a problem. I cannot think of a more fabulous way of being able to keep yourself feeling so good. You can put bad hair days behind you by using a front lace wig.


Of course a quality product does not come cheap but, when you consider how much you would normally spend on frequent salon visits your new hair piece more than pays for itself very quickly. After all, you really can have a style a day with no effort what so ever and better still you are not putting your own hair through such a tough styling regime.