The four types of human hair used to make wigs are Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European. The popular demand is for wigs which are made with Asian hair. For those looking for straightness, Chinese hair is preferred as it has a thicker unit of fineness. Curling this type is quite a task as it is bit more resistant than other types. The cheapest option is Indonesian hair which can be used to make ethnic styled wigs. Indian hair has more texture but the unit of fitness is not the highest. European hair is the most expensive, not found easily but is most sought after.


Remy human hair extensions are considered to be the best as opposed to cheap clip in hair extensions. It is not prone to getting knotted, tangled and gives the most natural look. As the hair cuticles are preserved and not stripped the hair remains soft, silky and looks very healthy. These extensions can be dyed, curled or straightened, washed and styled without any issues. There is no glue, wax or wastage involved in this process. Extensions are being opted for by many people for increase in length or volume, cover up of thinning hair or bald patches and enhance beauty.


You can choose a wig depending on the color, composition, cut and cap size. If a person is new to this concept the best thing to do would be get a shade closest to the original hair color. When it comes to composition you must decide whether they want to go in for brands like Remy or brands that are cheap or less expensive. Cap size can be decided based on categories such as petite, average or large. Mostly the average size is what people opt for. The cut is by far the most important deciding factor in this process as it takes into account the length, the texture as well as style that you are looking for. Once you have zeroed down on these factors, getting your hair to look gorgeous is just a step away.


In the good old days, people used to wear wigs in order to display power and wealth for instance judges and lawyers wearing wigs in the courtroom was a common sight. These days wigs are being as a cosmetic accessory as it transforms a person's very look for example you can go from being blonde to a brunette with the help of clip in. Remy human hair clip in accessories has caught up with all generations and are easy to maintain. Theater artists still use old fashioned wigs when they enact stage plays in order to exaggerate the character that they are portraying.