When applying the lace wigs for black women to the nape area, drop your chin to your chest, when you reach the nape area, then press the lace firmly. Avoid touching the forehead hairline area once the adhesive has set and the lace has been applied. Secure with a snug headband or wrap to completely set the bonding process.


Cut the lace wigs for cheap, pre-bond double sided tape to fit your hairline. Most tapes are precut for convenience. Put a wig cap on to better protect your own hair. Place the pre-bond double sided tape strips in front of your natural hairline around the whole perimeter of your head.


Lace wigs have helped them change their hairstyles from time to time. And so a lot us begin to wonder how it would be possible to change one’s hairstyle without having to pay a fortune to a reputable celebrity stylist. Hair technology has created lace wigs to be able to change your hair quickly. You can improve how you look buy using the product such as the lace wigs.


Lace wigs are specialized kind of hair piece made from a pure lace base. Made with real hair strands, the lace front wigs are hand-tied to a pure lace base. At the front where the hairline is different, there could be an entire lace only or have a base made wholly of lace. The use of the product is not limited to people with severe hair loss but also for people with mild hair loss. It can also be used by those who have short or long or thin to thick hairs.


The high cost of lace wigs are justifiable because people who use it usually like it because it feels like real hair and can’t even be identified as a wig. Almost all wigs are glued or pasted along the hairline of the one wearing it, and these are said to be extremely durable. Anyone who wears lace wigs need not worry that the wig will be removed when they do physical activities such as bathing and even swimming. A lot of wigs also don’t need to be glued for it to work. There are available clips that do not require glue and yet provide the same assurance that the wig won’t easily be removed.