In stage shows and during costume parties the ebony wigs are widely used for a makeover. It helps in changing the looks of people instantly. Modern ebony wigs constitute of both natural as well as synthetic materials and are available in different shades and textures. The use of wig is to enhance a person's beauty and this is not a new idea, it was used by ancient Egyptians. The Egyptians who were rich at that time used to make wig with the help of human or sheep hair.


In present high technology era there are a lot of available options in wig color and style to choose should keep in mind before finalizing wig that the color of wig should match the skin texture. American African wig can be taken as a solid example of it. They come in different dark shades and are used to emphasize beauty of black American women. The most popular wig among African women is ebony wig which comes in various styles like wavy, short and straight and helps in highlighting the features of African American women.

African American Wig Maintenance

Care and maintenance of African American wig is very important. If it not cleaned properly it may lead to deterioration of wig quickly. It is advisable that before you wear it you should wash it for eight to ten times. If you reside in a humid area then you need to pay special care and need to wash it more frequently. For drying, dip drying is the best technique available. One should remember that we should never drain out the excess water as it ruins the shape and style. Frequent washing makes the dry and fizzy thus application of proper conditioner softens it.


Choose the style that suits you

The most important thing once you have decided you are buying wig is that it should suite your body and enhances your personality. One should for crimped ones if he desires to show long straight hairs. These have graceful curls and slight waves giving an impressive look. The wigs with highlighted strands are also available in market and are in high demand.