Celebrities and models have been wearing wigs for many years. What is unique about a wig? With a lace wig, you can now sport a great head of hair and release your inner diva!

In fashion magazines, one often sees an exciting model with long and attractive hair. The hair is so attractive and appearing in dazzling shades of blonde, brown and ebony. There are facts that people are ignorant of is that these models do not have such natural hair. They are wearing hair disguises or more specifically hair wigs or lace wigs. If you want then you can also look spectacular like these models by adding a lace wig to the arsenal of beauty.


Wigs are extensions developed from synthetic or even real hair designed for those who are fashion conscious, or looking for stylistic and aesthetic motives like hiding hair loss due to problems like baldness or alopecia. Alopecia occurs when a person having cancer is going through various treatments like chemotherapy. As a result of these treatments, a person's tends to lose hair or have hair fall from small amount to complete baldness. Such wigs are either famous among fashion conscious people, models or celebrities and those going through baldness like issues.

It is called a Lace wig because it is designed by stitching hair over a base which is very less visible or not recognizable to naked eyes. It is custom made to reduce the fine hairline of wig wearers. Lace wigs look like real or natural hair and there are lots of variety available in the market. Not only are they light in density or weight but they are also not recognizable by anyone if fitted properly. These hair of a lace wig have a thin usually not visible (to anyone) hairline giving a feeling as if the hair is truly grown out of your own scalp.

They offer a realistic kind of a look. This is the most important reason for their popularity today among the fashion followers. If one loses his/ her hair, these wigs offer the perfect solution for a balding head. In contrast to fusion, weaves, beach shore, and other known ways for hair extensions that can easily spoil your hair as well as natural hairline, these hair wigs are quite suitable to use in long run.


There is one unique characteristic of hair lace wigs. They can be designed easily. Even one can design them at home. Be it the famous curls of a well admired Hollywood actress or straight school girl type looks of a beautiful American singer, all such different hair styles can be created using a hair lace wig. Think the possibility of a career as a model. It is unlimited. Virtually unlimited. All you need is your style and lovely looking hair.

Even if you are not a model, you can live your dream and have the hair you've always wanted. These wigs are all weather wigs and can be carried easily under a wide variety of weather conditions. Do not worry for you have shower or swim with the wig fitted onto your hair. More to that is that these hair wigs cannot be detected easily to the naked eye or to your friends or anybody at your workplace. Factors like durability and versatility makes the hair wig the most preferable choice among many.