Human hair wigs are constructed slightly differently. These are mostly made from either mono filament or polyurethane membranes (bases). In both cases, individual hair strands are knotted to the front area of the base. Both types wig bases are transparent so the full natural scalp is shown. Hand tying the knots in a single fashion has many advantages shown in the final result - such as being more flexible, comfortable, and much more natural looking. The wearer also gets the opportunity to style and part their hair in any way as hair is free to move.

Hair pieces have an assortment of ways to be fitted depending on which type the wearer purchases. Synthetic wigs are more general, and are more likely to be bought off the shelf. For this reason, they are usually one-sized. They are usually secured with straps, Velcro, or clips. The advantage of this is mainly the price. Synthetic hair pieces are cheaper than human and are easier to maintain as they go back into their original style once they are washed. However, this limits the wearer's ability to style the hair and / or use any products at all on the strands as they are extremely sensitive and prone to shedding.


In older days, wigs were often bulky, lacking in the 'natural' look, and easily distinguishable. Thanks to modern technology, we now have a variety of options in hair pieces available in every hue, density, texture, length and style that you may desire. Brands that deal with replacement options for your locks have different processes and systems that can be customized according to your unique need.

You can opt for a semi-permanent attachment or a permanent attachment as per your choice. These unique pieces are flexible and they can match your natural mane, enhancing its beauty to such an extent that it gets impossible to spot the difference. Determine if you want to maintain that color or return to your natural shade. If you purchase one or more hairpieces to match your dyed hair, you will need to be able to maintain that color in order to continue using your hairpiece.

In many instances, it might be more beneficial to return to your normal hair color and purchase hairpieces that match your natural shade. Of course, if you purchase human hair pieces, you will have more options with regard to color and style than if you choose synthetic pieces that can't be dyed.