Lace wigs are the secret weapons of beauty and style of many individuals, including celebrities, today. They are available in many brands and in several styles and construction. With so many choices at hand, confusion is bound to arise. There are things to consider before deciding on the right type of wig for you.

You need to consider the frequency of its usage, the hair style you want, time constraints on the usage, how tough or secure the wig should be etc. This will ensure that you choose correctly between lace front wigs or full lace wigs. We will discuss 5 differences between the two.The full lace wigs on the other and, has a lace cap, along with a lace seam, covering the entire head's circumference. The hair used for the wig is very fine and lightweight.


If you decide to go for lace front wigs then you should know that as its name says, there is a lace cap only at the front of the wig. Behind the lace front, there is a wig made of a much stronger material. It is secured in place by an adhesive and an elastic machine made cap. Instead of the elastic cap, there could be straps in elastic built into the wig at the back.

The lace front wigs cannot be styled in different ways and the hair at the front cannot be parted either. The maximum you can wear them is as a low ponytail or leave them open. The full lace wigs on the other hand, can be styled in numerous ways, with or without parting. The wig hair can be used to tie up in high ponytails or even braid them.


The versatility of full lace wigs is much more as compared to the lace front wigs. But it all depends on the usage and requirement. Lace front wigs cannot be worn while sleeping, swimming or exercising, unlike full lace. The salt and chlorine content in the water can completely ruin the wig. If you are looking for a fabulous and natural looking hairline, then wigs should be your choice.