This amazing new concept has been a well kept secret in Hollywood for the past couple of years. Celebrities, such as Tyra Banks and Beyonce are all huge fans of the lace wig.

A full lace wig is an intricately designed cap created entirely from lace. Each strand of hair is individually hand tied to the lace giving the realistic appearance of a scalp. Our lace wigs are produced with bleached knots to blend in with the colour of the lace.


When deciding upon your lace wig, you would choose a similar colour to your own scalp to ensure a realistic look. You would then be able to part the hair in any direction or wear it in a high ponytail without the worry of exposed tracks. The wigs are also made from very light lace, which allows the air to flow inside and out of the cap, to combat the dreaded itching that usually occurs with a non lace wig!

A lace wig is intricately built on an extremely sheer lace cap, by hand tying individual strands of hair to the lace. This unique technique allows for a totally natural hairline to be created, one that is virtually invisible to the eye. This also applies to when the hair of the wig is parted, with the hair appearing to "grow" from the scalp so that the wig can be worn in a variety of styles: high ponytail, braided, curled.


Our expert team includes both designers and top stylists who together create intricate pieces to suit your needs. The new Lace Wig technique is so advanced that everyone will assume your hair to be your own, and will not believe for one minute that it's a wig. This is so true,and so many people are ordering from China,and we believe it will become more and more popular!