A full lace wig is something that can be worn as a natural hair to cover your baldness or to add a different style. These hair can be tied, braided or styled in any hairstyle of your choice. This can be done because the hair has been pulled through the entire lace area that covers the entire head. Here, the lace creates an illusion and appears as if it is your scalp.


The full lace wigs are much more flexible compared to the lace front wigs. The various advantages of this type of wigs are described here in brief. The top benefit offered by these full lace wigs is that they help in hiding that baldness. You can have complete baldness or a diminishing hairline, you can find the right wig for any type of problem. Choosing the right wig is going to help make your head appear full of natural hair.

These wigs are especially ideal for those who have failed trying to find a solution to cover their retreating hairline. You can also use them to over the baldness at the top or back. The second advantage of wearing full lace wigs are that they help you achieve a natural look. This is especially because most of these wigs are made from human hair. the laces can even the dyed to match with your hair and they are impossible to tell from the natural hair.


Some of them are made from French or Swiss laces that have good durability and appear entirely natural. The next advantage of wearing a full lace wig is that they are available in a wide range of hairstyles. They can be easily combed and braided or created into ponytails.

On the other hand you cannot comb lace fronts, as the laces can only be trimmed and the shape changed to achieve different looks. However, both of these wig types are made using fine hair strands that can be easily molded to your requirement.