Short hairstyles are in fashion these days as many pop stars and singers promote it. It is the choice of the most youngsters from last few years and they became more interested in it. When one talk about short hairstyles, it means that a boy or girl would be have black hairs with cluster on either side cut in band style which are kept as long and straight. They are upto the length of an eye that almost one eye is fully covered.


Sometimes spikes are made in the back by cutting just the tips. Boys or girls can even dye their hairs for attractive look but better to consult with hairstylist for getting an idea that suits our face. Boys do not prefer any color for their hairs while girls select two colors in matching as a good combination, while the thin hairs are perfect for this hairstyle. Great hairstyle a with short hairs makes the emotional personality of a customer in front of others and many of the sports loving people prefer this style. In this style, layers are made which are up and down with pointed tips. Some youngsters prefer to make bangs which are from sideward that even they cover whole forehead.


Short hairstyles were initially adopted by singers only, but now it became a fashion for all. Most girls wear jeans with t-shirts for making a new and change style having short hairs cut in this styles. One of the short hairstyles selected by many girls is short mullet that is also a kind of short hairstyles. In this hairstyle long tail is in back while some choppy hairs are on one side, but that depends on the choice of a customer that how she or he wants. Best combination of short hairstyles are if one makes the bang of left side then ponytail on other side.


There is no hard and fast rule for color that should be followed or there is no restriction but black color with purple is a fashion these days. Bowl cut is another of its short hairstyles in which one can thinks that the hairs are not real or they seem like a wig, but instead of this girls like such style and try to make it. Not only teenagers, but young as well as old women also choose short hairstyles. Many women feel shy to cut their hairs in this style, but they could not escape from modern trends.


Short hairstyles are totally unique, comfortable and grooms one's personality. Blue, orange, red and even pink colors are chosen by many women. They look better in short hairs when they are made as bob haircut, wavy or razor cut hairstyle. These prom hairstyles 2015 have little differences in them mainly length of fringes and bangs varies as some keeps them short while others long.