Short haircut styles can bring out your facial features. To overcome the possibility of disastrous look one good way is to find out which short hair cut will suit your face is by placing different style wigs, and you can get a good demonstration of what you would look like with different short haircut styles.

Also you could bring in magazine clips of short female haircuts and show your stylist. Make sure to tell your stylist that your trying something new and don't let them get carried away! When getting a short hair cut, be careful not to go too short because you can always get it trimmed.


When considering a short hair cut, get clear in your mind that it does take a very long time to grow out. If you are unsure, start with a "lob" or a long bob (just above shoulder length) and go gradually for shorter as your comfort level increases. That being said, there are few things as liberating as chopping all your hair off--and keep in mind that hair over 12" .


These hairstyles are often considered symbols of sophistication, emancipation, independence and pure, unadulterated confidence. They are brave and unforgiving and the ultimate commitment to hairstyle, as they take months to grow out.

Anyone from a businesswoman to a mother can wear this pixie look, but only with confidence. They are easy to maintain as a little gel or pomade for reshaping is all that needed to maintain it. A bob or more graduated cut can take a little mousse for volume and smoothness.