I really like wearing my various lace front wigs. I have several different styles because I like the convenience of changing my hair style in only a few minutes. All of the lace front wigs that I own are made of one hundred percent human hair so that they feel and look like my natural hair.

These natural hair lace front wigs are almost as versatile as my own hair. I have one that I bought that is just a long, straight style, but I do not have to wear it that way each time. I can pull it back in a pony tail for a sporty look or I can fix it into a fancy up do. I found out that I can even use home hair dye kits to change the color of my lace front wigs. Using the dyes increases my options for how my hair looks without needing to purchase more lace front wigs than I already own.


I always want to be sure that my lace front wigs will stay in place no matter what I am doing, so I purchase the ones that are made with a special cap that has placement combs to grip my natural hair and keep my wig in place without any adhesive tape or glue. All that I have to do is part my own hairs from ear to ear, insert the placement combs and lightly brush the wig hairs over my part to fix the style.


The caps on my wigs are also made of a breathable material that does not trap in any sweat or other moisture so I do not need to worry about that irritating feeling. My lace front wigs lay snug on my scalp so they look very natural and they do not bind or pinch. The heaviest of my lace front wigs weighs a mere six ounces and I barely notice it is there even after wearing it all day long.

Of course, my favorite thing about my lace front wigs is the fact that they are so simple to clean and maintain. I can wash one of my lace front wigs with regular shampoo in just a few minutes and I can use a little conditioner if I think that it is needed. While it is air drying on one of the wig stands on the dresser in my bedroom, I just wear one of my other lace front wigs.