Human hair lace wigs are a great hair replacement alternative. They are versatile, convenient, look very natural and can last a couple of years with proper care and maintenance.

However the abuse of hair products as well as excessive heat styling and improper care can harm the human hair of your lace wig, leaving it tangled, matted and looking like a bird's nest.

Lace wigs crafted with human hair may tangle or matte, sometimes into hard knots, issue that most lace wig wearers are unable to resolve on their own without damaging the tresses of the hair unit and end up often throwing the wig away.


There are several reasons for unfortunate hair matting and tangling. a)- hair cuticles in a particular area of the wig cap base, have not been properly aligned when the hair unit was crafted, and are laying in opposite directions, causing hair strands friction and therefore severe tangle up.

b)-hair has been exposed too long to excessive moisture, causing the hair shaft to stretch, sometimes beyond its limit, making it weak with a lack of elasticity hence its breakage and tangling predisposition. c) - under or over processed hair due to harsh chemicals used on highly textured hair, rending it excessively dry and brittle and causing shedding and matting.

Is all the hair of the lace wig knotting and tangling at the base that means that:


a) - the cuticles from each return hair strands have not been removed. A return hair strand is the short hair part located on a hair knot.

Before processing the hair of a hairpiece, return hair strands must be carefully removed and sealed; otherwise they will run in the opposite direction of the rest of the hair and therefore will collide with each other causing severe matting.

NOTE: Cuticle misalignment is not an indication of hair quality, it is however a strong indication of incorrect wig manufacture as many wigs crafted with high quality hair can still bear misaligned hair cuticles and therefore have tangling and matting issues.