You have gone through hundreds of lace wigs to finally choose the one that's right for you and now you are ready to begin the application process but you are not quite sure if you should use lace front wig glue or tape.

Both lace wig tape and glue will get the job done. What you choose is really a matter of your own personal preference. However lace front wig glue tends to last longer than the tape and is the more popular choice among lace wig wearers.


Some glue products state that you can get a 6 week hold but reality is 2 to 3 weeks is the average hold time. If you exercise regularly and lead a very active lifestyle, lace front wig glue is a better option than tape as it holds up better under these conditions. You can also go swimming and the glue bond will still hold strong.

There are two types of lace front wig glue; water based and solvent based. Solvent based glue contains chemicals and can cause breakouts on sensitive skin. However, it provides a much longer hold than its water based counterpart.

Water based lace front wig glue does not have the chemical makeup of solvent based glue and will still give those with sensitive skin a firm hold. You just may have to reapply it a little more frequently.


No matter which you use, it is recommended that you test it on an area of your skin and let it sit for at least an hour to see if it causes any type of allergic reaction before using it to apply your lace front wig.

To make your wig hold even longer, try combining lace front wig glue and tape. The two combined will give you a strong hold that lasts a bit longer than average. Lace front wig glue is a great way to get long lasting professional results. Whether you decide to use glue or tape, be sure to use caution when applying to avoid causing damage to your natural hair.