Remy hair is actually nothing but cuticle hair, which looks healthier than the original human hair. Remy wigs are meant to be look beautiful instead of human hair as a replacement, and usually the price is higher than any other kinds of human hair for the better quality. Remy hair can be found in the original hair color, in virgin, or coursed for any color or any texture.


It can be washed easily and without any effort and the most astonishing fact about it is that it will not tangle while washing or after washing. Remy hair is made from the hair which is cut from the head of the donor with the cuticles undamaged. The hair is basically allied from the root to the tip all in one direction as it happens in the case of natural hair. Because of the fact that the cuticles run at a single direction, so the Remy hair does not tangle and the hair remains stronger than the original one.


The outcome of the Remy hair is marvelous and people prefer it because of the gaudy, glossy and smooth look, and it cannot be assumed anyhow that it is not natural. Remy hair wigs have a long lasting life for it is being made carefully keeping in mind the longevity and it sustains better than other regular human wigs.


The human hair sold in the industry are said to be non-cuticle hair, which becomes dull and shabby after a few days and it is not possible to use it for any purpose. Non-cuticle hair is processed sometimes in a way that it looks almost as the human hair, but when the point comes to longevity then it cannot be wore longer. In case of the other types of non-cuticle hair wigs, they are made by acid-bath and that is why the cuticles are not aligned in the same direction.


In such cases, sometimes the hairs are collected randomly and that is why it decays soon after a few wash and entangles soon. In case of Remy wigs, they are made carefully to avoid such kind of problem and you can be able to use it after so many washes and you will eventually notice that the hairs will not tangle ever.


You will find cuticle hair all over the world, among which Remy hair is the most popular one because of the longevity and the shine it provides. Remy hair can be of different kinds and you can get Remy lace wigs as well to suit the mood and fascination. Remy wigs can be of a same texture of a thick and straight hair, where the color of the hair can be matched with your choice and likings. It is not only necessary for you to wear a wig if you are suffering from the problem of thin hair, but also you can use it for the fashion purpose to try a different look on you without permanently changing the hair style and color. Remy wigs create a natural look and help to make the illusion of the original hair.