Toupees are hair pieces or partial hairpieces that are usually used to cover baldness. Toupees come in a range of hair colors and can be made of synthetic hair or natural hair. They are synthetic wigs or human hair wigs. They are usually worn by men, and very few women also wear it. The women prefer the functions of length, color and textures like wavy, curly, which are just the characters of lace wigs. So, whether toupees or full lace wigs, they have own advantages and functions.


For applying toupee, adhesives like glue or tape is used depending on the hairpiece. Also, they can be woven into person's natural hair to conceal mild hair loss. Color and texture are the two main characteristics of toupee. Its objective is to blend into natural hair. The toupee is generally used to cover bald area of the head.

When obtaining adhesive for your toupee, it is advisable to conduct patch test on your skin for a period of 24 hours. This will ensure that your skin is not allergic to products. Generally such units are designed to suit hair texture and scalp. The base material used in this unit is very thin and un-noticeable.

Lace wigs are already near to for centuries. Recently, they have developed to be overly well-liked through the tunes and style industry. They are handy and really effortless to positioned on, but countless wig wearers appear to overlook that ribbons wigs experienced been produced to ensure the fact that wig wearer can acquire an undetectable hairline and even more importantly they are utilized for point purposes and aesthetic reasons.


A lace wig is a wig that is hand made and ventilated through lace with a special ventilation needle. Lace wigs are strategically made and they are tedious to make. However, the strategic making process pays off in the long run. Though these wigs are an investment they are durable and very realistic. The purpose of lace wigs is that it can appear as though the hair is growing from the scalp. Lace wigs help you to achieve an undetectable hair line unlike a full head weave.

Full lace wigs and toupees all need take 3-4 weeks to finish, because they are all made by hand. But normally, the hair length of toupees is shorter than wigs, so the price is much cheaper. Certainly, full lace wigs will be more comfortable than toupees, because they have soft lace base, no need for wearing it by the glue. Now you can understand why women prefer full lace wigs, although its more expensive.