Every time, when the season changes, there will be all kind of promotion activities in online stores or physical stores, from clothing, shoes, bags and to wigs. I know there are a lot of wigs for sale of good quality and price. It is a very good idea to buy a new wig for the new season, but a question comes to me. Buying wigs, actually which kind is the best? Synthetic, or human hair? I try to answer the question from the following aspects, and I share it here to provide reference to those who have the same question.


Although synthetic wigs can be made as real as human hair, but the nature cannot be changed. Generally speaking, synthetic material can easily cause allergic, especially for the those of allergic type skin. I am easily get allergic, from seafood, to alcohol, and to the synthetic material clothing. Therefore, for in case, I would prefer wearing a real human hair wig to a synthetic one, particularly for high frequency wearing.


In addition to physical factor, you should also think about your psychological endurance. This include two aspects. First, how much do you think about other people's opinion? We should ask ourselves this question before selecting wigs, because people may have different ideas towards wigs. If you are a strong-minded and independent person, you can chose what you like; but if not, you'd better make the wigs look as natural and real as your own hair.


Or else, you will buy a waste if you dare not to put it on your head. The other question that you should ask is how frequently you will yearn for a change. As it is known to all that we women love changes and change frequently. If you find that you cannot leave your hair cut unchanged within a month, then I would suggest you choose a synthetic hair, as it is much cheaper.


We all have to dress for occasion, this is a kind of manner. For formal occasion, we should had better make ourselves look neat and natural. If you have to wear a wig to avoid embarrassment, you should prepare a real human hair wig of moderate design, and looks as much harmonious with your temperature as possible; however, if you are going to join a crazy summer party, you can dress as stylish as possible. Synthetic wigs always have many different variety as it is in fact a kind of artifact.


I always encourage people to spend within their budget and make sense when shopping, especially when they are facing the tremendous allure of grand sale promotion. Generally speaking, the synthetic wigs are about nine to fifteen dollars while the real human hair ones are at least twenty five dollars. The virgin human hair wigs are even more expensive for its top-end quality.


Based on all these four aspects, I would prefer to chose myself a real human hair wig, for I would prefer to look natural and moderate, and the real human hair wig can enable my own hair designs, such as curling or dying. I believe you already have some plans on your mind. Hope you choose the right wig.