Many women get serious trouble when it comes to maintaining short curly hair, so if you’re one of those women, I suggest you try out a curly bob hairstyle. In this case, your hair will not be too short, it will be dropping just a little bit over your shoulders, bob hairstyles are very easy to style and you can make hair Up-dos or curls within your bob haircut. However, you don’t have to be stuck with just one option, if the natural curls fail, you can buy a short curly bob just like the featured in Picture 13.

A good example is (style 3) where Rihanna tinted her curly bob red; this is a bold color which will make you look unique, even though you might look exactly like Rihanna, but you will get a related hairstyle and some how change your normal looks.

Brittany Murphy’s – Curly Shoulder Length Bob Hairstyles



  • Use the right styling tools to make a curly bob: If you want to make small curls, opt for small curling irons, and then use larger curling irons to create larger hair curls. This slight difference in the size of your irons will also create a great impact on the looks of your curls. For a great effect, wrap your hair many times around the barrel. The other thing to note is that ceramic curling irons are the best because they distribute the heat evenly and ceramic is friendly to your hair.
  • Make sure your hair is moist, you might not get the best curls if you iron your hair when its dry.
  • You will need to segment your hair into two parts, the upper & lower part. To do this, use a comb to separate your hair, then clip the top part alone , then start with the lower section.
  • To make wide curls, you will need to grab a big section of your hair, if you want small curls, then take small sections of your hair and iron them independently.
  • Now you can wrap your hair around the curling iron, since the iron is hot, keep it away from your face, move the iron slowly for a great effect.
  • After heating and rolling your hair on a  curling iron, curls will be formed, so, now spray them with a natural hair spray to keep them moisturized, once you have finished this step, release the curl and go on another section.

There so many ways of styling curly bob hairstyles and these include:

(1) Soft curly bobs: This is a very simple style, you simply pull your short curled hair by just 1-inch, iron and brush your hair evenly, a good example of a soft curly bob is (style 2 , 10 ).

(2) Slide sides: This one is very popular with celebrities like Beyounce. The middle part of your hair is pulled UP but it is draped on the back, and then you clip the sides.

(3) Centered Bob Curls: Similar to the soft curly bob style. It looks good on think hair; a good example is (style 7)