Create high and low ponytails, wrap around for an elegant bun, wave, twist, curl and straighten the flexi hair for even more styling options! My favourite styling of this piece is to use create a low side parting with my real hair, backcomb lots at the crown and secure the pony at mid height to emulate a look popular with Ms Beckham. Going to try out a low slung plait next! Another fab easy to care for piece from you.


Ordered this 3 days ago, and it came in. MUCH BETTER than what I even remotely expected. This 3/4 wig is absolutely beautiful. This doesnt get tangled and matted, easily at all but still is very soft and feels like real hair. Arrived fast and great quality! Worth the $70 total for US, I will be definitely buying from you again!


I first discovered your wigs about a year ago and they are the best hair pieces EVER!! Aislynn is my favourite as this hairpiece gives a bouncy, curly blow look to your hair! I normally wear clip ins but for nights out, I am never without Aislynn. My hair is never ever damaged as the two clips don't pull on my hair as much as other extensions.


Absolutely ADORE this 3/4; this was my first ever wig purchase and I was slightly nervous about wearing it as I didn't want it to be obvious to other people that I was wearing one. Since purchasing I have worn it nearly every single day and it has given me SO much confidence! The hair is so natural looking and feeling, doesn't feel too heavy on your head when wearing it either, the curls are so glam! Could not be happier at all and the help I got when asking how to apply it etc was superb! Thank you so so much for the confidence!


My hair is really short, unattractive and uneven due to breakage and damaged caused by bleach and hair extensions. I needed to find another solution so I could still have long hair but without the use of hair extensions and constantly recolouring my hair to keep it the silver colour. This then led me to find you wigs! I wore it on my holiday to Rome last August and was wearing it when my Fiance proposed!


Hope is the real Glamour puss is my wigdrobe! Just a quick rinse and shake through and the curls bounce back good as new. This was my 5th 1/2 wig since the beginning of the year (and my 7th item from you) I've been blonde, cherry red and black this year and have ordered half wigs from you with beautiful colour matching too.


After dying my boring black hair the Loreal Blackcurrant shade last month, I really thought i'd messed up when neither my red or black wigs matched but this is PERFECT!! My hairdresser was fooled when I wore it on a night out and subsequently ordered one too! I'd love to see more options in this colour combo please. Thank you