For many people choosing between a synthetic or a human hair wig for black women is a difficult decision. A top of the line human hair wigs is very costly and you can buy several synthetic wigs for the cost of just one real hair wig. Your only consideration must not be the price though. Many other factors must be taken into account in making this decision.

For instance do you intend to wear the wig a lot or only occasionally? If you will be wearing your wig a lot including daily use for work or business you will find that a human hair wig is by far the best. The reason for this is longevity of the wig. Human hair outlasts synthetic by a considerable margin. This is particularly true under conditions of continuous daily wear.


On the other hand if you will wear the wig only occasionally for a night out or for partying, then a synthetic hairpiece, or several of them, will serve your purpose quite well. If your desire is for the best appearance then real hair is the way to go. It is simply better in appearance and feel and is a better wig. Synthetic hair although greatly improved these days can never compare with human hair for its natural look and feel.

The question of styling also must be considered. A real hair wig can be restyled repeatedly just as your own hair can. It can be styled using hot tools such as a hair dryer and curling tongs. It is not possible to restyle synthetic wigs since heat melts and ruins the hair. So your synthetic wig will always remain in the same style as when you purchased it.


Human hair wigs are often made from long black hair which is imported from India or China. This hair is ideal for making african american wigs due to its color and texture. It can also be dyed to any other color and styled in any way you would like it. This real hair is very versatile and is used in making moderately priced wigs.

Synthetic wigs have advantages of their own of course. They cost less than real hair and you can purchase several of them for the price of one good natural hair wig.You can change your hairstyle frequently simply by putting on another wig. Synthetic wigs retain their style when washed so that you do not have to restyle you wig every time you wash it.

There has always been much argument about which type of wig is best and there are devotees of both kinds. However there is no doubt about the fact that human hair black womens wigs are the top of the line. A considerable number of buyers will always be prepared to pay top price for a really fine quality real hair wig.