Choosing a new hair color is not easy for any woman. Besides the decisions about style, length and conditioning that you have to make, there is the very important one about color, and you have to use your head. Luckily, you can also use your head to wear a wig, which makes choosing a new hair color much easier and keeps all those chemicals out of your hair, as well.


If you have had a “color consultation” and know what the best hues and shades of cosmetics and clothes to wear, you also have a head start on choosing a new hair color. You don’t need to take any college courses for choosing that new color.


The same rules of contrast and compatibility that make you look better in one color blouse over another also apply to your consideration of hair color. Use your color smarts to choose a wig color that will offer a nice, attractive change of pace. Choose wisely, of course, but it’s all right to have a sense of fun and adventure, too. You can even afford to make a mistake, since wigs aren’t permanent, after all.


Your wardrobe, eye color, skin tone and choice of nail polish are all worth considering when you are choosing a new hair color. Most women who have cultivated a bit of fashion sense know what colors “work” for them, and which ones do not. As stated above, it won’t hurt to experiment a bit, since wigs are not permanent, but you should have a pretty good idea of what will be a good fit for you before your lay your money down.


If you desire some “glamour options,” a wig can be just the thing. For ladies who are simply looking for a change of pace, but are “afraid of commitment” (to a permanent, new hair color), a wig can certainly be the way to go. So whatever the case may be, wigs can help. Good wigs can also ease the minds of women who may be suffering some degree of hair loss due to a medical condition.


There are several companies that have joined the “human hair race” to give women the feeling of wearing actual hair instead of a traditional wig, which can feel itchy and look terrible when made of inferior quality. These days, the best wigs are made of real hair in a painstaking process that can take up to several months.


The range of hair colors on human-hair wigs is one of their biggest benefits. The color choices are, of course, virtually unlimited due to the natural nuances and subtle variations of color found naturally in human hair. Real hair or not, a wig can be another fashion accessory in your beauty arsenal.


Don’t be afraid to get some other opinions, too. Your family, friends and co-workers see you every day, and the ones you are closest to can offer a wealth of feedback about what suits you. If you are currently getting medical care, your doctor will certainly appreciate that you are opting for a wig if your hair is thinning or falling out, for other than cosmetic reasons. The fact is, neither your scalp nor your hair needs to be soaked in chemicals of any kind.


When you have made up our mind, proceed with confidence. Use the opportunity to rekindle that feeling of excitement about life, newness, and the sense of adventure that always comes when a woman finds a “new look.” With so many choices in styles, colors and lengths, you can be assured that finding the right hair color will be as easy as pie – and nowhere near as fattening.