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Certainly friends and family don't rush out to find out about wigs for cancer patients. This may be a mistake. One of the first things that is often mentioned when reading about chemotherapy is that the patient, be it male or female, is afraid they will lose all of their hair. This is not only the hair on the head but potentially all of their body hair. To some people that is a very real and scary by product of having chemotherapy.


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Ideally, the patient or family member or even a friend, should take into consideration what can or may happen during the chemotherapy process. There are a lot of side effects and not all of them kind to the body. One of the side effects that they should talk about is hair loss and how the patient will feel about the process. In a way this is a preparation for the entire process.


The Mayo Clinic site suggests that the person use energy staying healthy rather than worrying about how they are going to look. OK, this is fine to say but probably not very realistic. The patient is going to care how they will look.


Now you can sit down with the patient and discuss their options. One of the choices that many cancer patients make is to get a wig. Apparently it may be covered under some insurance polices as a prosthesis device and will be paid for by insurance. This is a good place to start.