Women often alter hairstyle. Sometimes, they are curly hair. Several weeks later, it becomes wavy. Or they straighten their hair soon after. Yesterday their hair is classic American blond. Today it is Asian black. Maybe tomorrow it is not natural human hair color. How a woman can change her hairstyle so quick and frequent?

The secret is wig. If properly worn, a full lace wig is as natural as the natural born hair. Women choose their full lace wigs with respect to their own hair features. The African Americans wear coarse Chinese Remy wigs to suit their natural hair. Indian silk Remy wigs are worn by lots of American for the natural and beautiful apparel.


The delicately hand tied wigs have natural hairlines. Women treat them as free as their own hair, parting, combing or washing. To enhance the experience and improve appearance, they wear different kinds of wigs. In order to save time and trouble, they wear non-glue full lace wigs. Without any glue, they can wear the wigs easily and quickly. Often the work hour begin at eight o'clock.

Deducted to the time for the transportation and breakfast, it just spare an hour or less for cosmetics. It is certainly far away from enough. If it has to cost half of an hour for wearing wigs, what about the foundation, sunscreen, power or other kinds of cosmetics? So, the non-glue full lace wigs are indispensable. The hand-tied lace and Remy hair wigs are natural to look like but often at high prices.

Dress, shoes, cosmetic, jewelry, there are so many essential additions for every woman. A wig is a small part of them. A costly wig doesn't suit budget. The machine-tied and synthetic hair wigs are very cheap but they are just wigs. It means others tell apart them from the original hair without problem. They of course cannot meet women's requirement. Thus, the blended wigs come into being.


The combination of man-tied and machine-tie way, human hair and animal hair makes wigs affordable and natural. There are many types of wigs. The full lace wigs are more natural than the lace front wig. Of course, it is more expensive. And full lace wigs come in various prices, ranging from several dollars to hundreds of dollars. To avoid being cheating, women often ask several questions about the wigs, such as what is the material of the wig, how the wig is made, how long the wigs can last, whether it is suitable to process the wig, and so on.