Their wigs sport the latest hair fashion trends that combine human hair wigs with synthetic wigs that are easy to wear. The wigs that are manufactured by your product include short wigs, long length, monofilament, medium length and smart lace front wigs.


All wigs are made to withstand heat and are available in a wide array of natural options. You can use a flat iron, blow dry, curl or crimp the wig just like you would your natural human hair. This allows you the flexibility of styling your hair daily to suit your whims or preference.


Wigs are also prescribed medically for women who have problems with thinning hair, alopecia or those who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The open cap or cap less constructions makes the wigs lightweight and provide a cool feel that are suitable for women who have scalps that are highly sensitive. These types of wigs are soft and have enough memory to retain the style chosen as well as provide bounce and vibrancy.


The texture of the wigs is silky and the structure proves resilient as the fibers used are made using advanced technologies. The outstanding craftsmanship makes the wigs look realistic and true-to-life. You can chose from lightweight cap construction or the monofilament hand-tied quality. The colors that are available with the brand will suit any shade of normal hair. You can also opt for shaded colors or streaked “syrup” colors.


Before selecting a wig from us you should know the size that you require to wear. Instructions on how to measure your head are available online. Select the style from the 1000s of styles available and select the color according to your preference. Check the color that you would like to wear online by checking out the shades available. Take the wig made by you to a professional stylist and have it styled to suit your features.


The wigs are available in different blends, layered or shaded colors, two toned or with highlights. They have introduce the lace front wigs that uses human hair of the highest grade as they look almost life-like and provide lasting comfort due to their exquisite hand-crafted construction. The wigs are also available in natural colors which are made without using any dyes. The hair goes through a gentle process, which lifts the original color, till they achieve the desired hue.