Are you vexed due to baldness? Do you want to emulate the hairstyle of your favorite rock star? Desire to get a new look? Utilizing human hair extensions are the best way in which you can lease a new life into your hair. Be it, to thicken or lengthen your present hair or making a complete makeover, it are an ideal stuff.


If you want to get hair that will look and feel like your own, then you should apply natural human extensions as synthetic fail to give the natural look. It is unable to serve the purpose of transforming the look. Natural hair extensions may be costly but they serve the purpose well and last comparatively longer.


Once, you have decided to use human products the next step, is to finalize the type. There are many types of extensions. Each of them has their share of advantages and disadvantages.


1.European hair: Don't go by the name, it does not necessarily come from Europe. This type of hair is relatively straight and thin. You should consider the texture of your hair before using European human hair extensions. This type of these is costlier than the other types of extensions as it looks very much like naturals. If you desire long and flowing locks then European style is ideal for you.


2. Asian Hair: This is another popular and widely used its extension. It is thicker than European hair extensions but the variations in color are very few. The only color found in abundance in this type of hair is dark black. To make the hair thinner, it is prepared in an acid bath. Asian extensions are costlier than synthetic but cheaper than Europeans.


European hair structure is similar to Indians. It is even categorized in the similar way. It is considered to be the best type of hair because of its high quality. It is collected in a specific procedure that keeps the quality intact. Each of these comprises of cuticles. The exterior part protects the hair. It is ensured that all the cuticles remain in the same direction or else the quality of these is degraded. Thereafter, the cuticles are removed to avoid any tangling and then it is covered with silicon gel.


The Indian hair extensions are a high quality that is used worldwide. All the cuticles remain in the same direction to avoid tangling and then they are treated properly to prevent the quality of these from getting hampered. It is very expensive but it is worth every penny that you spend for it. You get exactly what you pay for.